How to view Subscribie logs during development / testing / production.


Subscribie using python standard logging module, with log handlers configred for stdout and Telegram.

tldr: Set PYTHON_LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG in your .env settings file.

Viewing logs & Changing the Log level

In the file .env, set the PYTHON_LOG_LEVEL to DEBUG or lower.


Then re-start Subscribie.

Loglevel options are:

  • INFO

See also: When to use logging

Telegram logging

In the same way, you can configure telegram log level verbosity by setting TELEGRAM_PYTHON_LOG_LEVEL in your .env settings file.


Logging code

Where is the logger setup?

See logger.py

Common Python logging mistakes

I see no logs, even though I’m doing log.warning etc

If your log PYTHON_LOG_LEVEL is too high, e.g. if set to ERROR, then the logger (or more precisely, a given log handler, won’t display any log messages lower than ERROR.

Thinking there is only “one” python logger

Python logging has two key concepts: The logger, and log handlers. In Subscribie, we log to stdout using the built-in StreamHandler and use an additonal built-in handler QueueHandler which is configured to send to Telegram if configured.

See logger.py for implementation.

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