Add a New Subscription Plan

Need to add more pages to your shop? Here’s how you can create additional subscription plans for your shop.

Plans are visible on your Shop’s home page. There are no limits to the number of subscription plans that can be created.

If you are looking for how to edit/modify a plan, check out our guide on how you can edit an existing subscription plan.

Steps to Add a New Subscription Plan

Step 1: Log into your Shop Dashboard.

Step 2: Under the Edit/Add Plans section, click Add Plan.

Step 3: Here, enter your Plan Name & Selling Points.

Step 4: Choose whether you would like to set up your plan as a Recurring Charge by checking the checkbox and enter the amount.

If you plan to Recurring, then choose if it should be charged weekly, monthly or yearly.

Step 5: Now Click Save

You have now successfully added a new plan to your shop.

You can now edit your subscription plan at any time or make it a private plan. Do note, seasonal plans can not be applied to existing subscription shops.

Watch the Tutorial to Add a New Subscription Plan

Watch the video

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