Charge VAT Automatically

Need to charge VAT? Learn how you can automatically charge value added tax (VAT) to all your subscription plans

Does your shop need to charge VAT for your products and services? You can enable the option to auto-calculate VAT with these steps.

VAT is not enabled by default for shops.

Steps to add VAT to your Subsciption Plans.

Step 1: On your Dashboard go to “Manage My Shop”.

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the list and under “Shop Settings” choose “VAT Settings”.

Step 3: To activate VAT choose “Yes. Charge VAT at 20%” and click “Save”

Now your shop is ready to charge VAT to your customers who sign up to your shop on Subscribie! Invoices generated will automatically have vat added during checkout and subsequent automaic charges.

Watch the Tutorial to Charge VAT Automatically

Watch the video

Last modified June 15, 2023: updating and optimising docs (6b83052b)