Core Tasks

What can your user do with your project?

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Think about your project’s features and use cases. Use these to choose your core tasks. Each granular use case (enable x, configure y) should have a corresponding tasks page or tasks page section. Users should be able to quickly refer to your core tasks when they need to find out how to do one specific thing, rather than having to look for the instructions in a bigger tutorial or example. Think of your tasks pages as a cookbook with different procedures your users can combine to create something more substantial.

You can give each task a page, or you can group related tasks together in a page, such as tasks related to a particular feature. As well as grouping related tasks in single pages, you can also group task pages in nested folders with an index page as an overview, as seen in this example site. Or if you have a small docset like the Subscribie User Guide with no Tutorials or Concepts pages, consider adding your feature-specific pages at the top level of your docs rather than in a Tasks section.

Each task should give the user

  • The prerequisites for this task, if any (this can be specified at the top of a multi-task page if they’re the same for all the page’s tasks. “All these tasks assume that you understand….and that you have already….”).
  • What this task accomplishes.
  • Instructions for the task. If it involves editing a file, running a command, or writing code, provide code-formatted example snippets to show the user what to do! If there are multiple steps, provide them as a numbered list.
  • If appropriate, links to related concept, tutorial, or example pages.

View Failed Payments

Learn how you can view customer failed payments and the number of retry attempts.

Send Customised Emails to Customers

Need a quick way to make your automated emails feel more personal? Learn how to Send Customised Emails to Customers

Update/Change Subscription Card Details

Just changed your card and need to pay for your Subscribie subscription? Follow these steps to Update/Change Subscription Card Details

Why Can't You Cancel/Pause a Subscription

Cant find the option to Cancel/Pause a Subscription? Don’t worry, here are the steps you need to follow to be able to pause and cancel any subscription.

Add Documents to Subscription Plans

Want to add documents to plans? Learn how to add documents to subscription plans.

Change the Name of Your Shop

Easily change the name of your shop, this will be reflected throughout your shop.

Change Your Subscription Website Web Address

A Guide on How to Change Your Subscription Website Web Address.

Collect Order Notes

Need a way to collect notes from customers? Learn how to collect order notes from customers as they sign-up.

Create a Cooling-off Period for Plans

Set a cooling-off period for Plans so customers can use your subscription without being charged for a specified period of time.

Create a Free Trial for Plans

Set a free trial for your subscription plans so customers can try out your subscription before purchasing.

Enable email replies to emails sent by Subscribie

Easily add a reply-to email to your automated emails sent to your subscribers by Subscribie.

Export Subscribers from your shop

Need a way export your subscriber’s data? Learn how to export Subscribers from your Shop as a CSV file.

Refund Customer Subscription Payments

How to refund payments.

Enable Donations

Need to collect donations? Learn how to enbale donations in your shop.

View and Export Transactions and Donations

Need a way to keep track of transactions and export them. Follow these steps to view and export transactions and donations from your dashboard

Add Team Members to Shop

A guide to adding your team members to manage your subscription shop.

Add Terms and Conditions

A guide to adding terms and conditions to any plan in your shop.

Add Videos to Shop Page

Need to add your videos? Here’s a guide on how to add a video from a video platform to a page on your shop.

Calculate Subscription Revenue

Easily calculate your potential subscription revenue according to your number of subscibers and subscription rate.

Delete a File from a Shop

A guide to delete files from your shop perminantly.

Embed Subscribie in a Website

Want to add subscribie to your site? Follow this easy guide to embed Subscribie into your website.

Filter Transactions

Need to search and filter subscription? Here’s a guide on how to filter transactions.

Add a Logo to a shop

Upload your own logo to your subscription shop

Add a Slogan

Add your own Slogan to your shop. This will be displayed in your shop.

Change Shop Colour

Learn how to change the colour of your shop.

Create a Shop Page

Want to add more pages to your shop? Follow these steps to add additional pages to your shop.

Pause a Subscriber's Subscription

Need to Pause Payments from a Customer? Learn how to Pause a Subscriber’s Subscription to stop charging a specific customer.

Upload Files to a Shop

Need to upload files for your customers? Learn how to add files to a shop.

Categorise Subscription Plans

Need a way to organise your plans? Organise your subscription plans by categorising them by following these steps.

Create a Plan Link

A guide to creating a link for a specific plan to share to subscribers.

Create a Private Plan

A guide to creating a private subscription plan that is not visible in your shop.

Create a Seasonal Plan

Learn to create a seasonal subscription plan that ends at a specified date.

Add a New Subscription Plan

Need to add more pages to your shop? Here’s how you can create additional subscription plans for your shop.

Add Options to a Subscription Plan

Need to provide your customers with some options? Leran how to add options to a subscription plan.

Edit an Existing Subscription Plan

Want to modify your plans? Here’s guide on how to edit/modify an existing subscription plan.

Reorder Plans

Learn how to organise your subscription shop by reordering plans.

Updating Credit Card details for Shop Owners

How to update your credit card details as a shop owner.

Add a Description to Subscription Plans

Provide more information about your subscription plan by providing a description to your subscription plan

Create a Private Page

A guide to make any page in your shop into a Private Page. Private Pages are hidden pages that do not appear in your shop publically.

Charge VAT Automatically

Need to charge VAT? Learn how you can automatically charge value added tax (VAT) to all your subscription plans

Charge Subscribers on an Ad-hoc Basis

Learn how to create an Ad-hoc charge to your subscribers at any time.