Shop Owner Dashboard

What you can do with the Subscribie Shop admin dashboard


You shop owners dashboard is the ‘homepage’ for the adminstration of your shop. From your dashboard, you can add plans, change settings, view Subscribers and many other tasks.


The stats section shows your real-time subscriber data all in one place.

  • Number of active subscribers
  • Number of subscribers of all time
  • Number of standalone subscriptions and new subscribers combined
  • Number of one-off subscribers

Edit/Add Plans

Edit plans - Change the title, pricing, description, bullet points and image of your plans

Add plans - Add new plans, including details such as title, pricing, description, bullet points and image

Delete Plans - Archive unwanted or obsolete plans

Additionally, can put your plans into categories:

My Subscribers

Here you can view a list of your subscribiers who have subscribed to your shop.

Upcoming Payments

In this section, you can check out the upcoming payments from your subscribers.

Manage Payment Gateways

Here you can set up your Stripe account to help you to collect your subscription payments from subscribers.

Choice Groups

Choice groups are for small variants of products which your customers may choose from to refine their plan,

For example, by chosing a colour.

It is important to understand that choud groups are not for affecting price. If you want to affect price, it is best to create an additional plan .e.g an Extra large plan.

Once you’ve added choice groups, you can add ‘options’.

For example: You might create a choice group called “Colour”, and add the options: Red, Green, Blue). Finally, you would then assign your choice group to one or more plans. E.g. Perhaps you boxes available in those different colours.

All transactions/Manage Refunds

View all transactions and manage refunds.

Order Notes

Order notes can be used to collect additional written information from your subscriber during purchase, and can be made mandatory if required.

Here, you can upload your logo on the Subscription page to show your subscribers when they view your Shop.


With integrations, you can

  • Add live chat to your shop (using Free Tawk Online Chat)

  • Paste code snippets into your shop

  • Connect Google Tag Manager for Google Anaytics and other marketing tools


In this modules section, you can

  • Create pages like FAQs, Introductions, etc and create private pages only visible to your Subscribers.
  • Customize your shop’s colour
  • iFrame embed - (optional) if you have an existing website, you can copy the iFram embed code into your existing website to make Subscribie appear on your site
  • Optimise your SEO tags for your shop pages to improve your ranking in search engines

Users & Passwords

  • Add additional team members to manage your shop
  • Change/update passwords

Email settings

In the email section, you can set your own reply-to email address if you prefer not to use our default email address to send emails to your customers.

By default email notifications are sent from a “noreply” email address. If you want your Subscribers to be able to reply to these notification email, you can set a “reply to” email to your own email address. This will make it possible for your Subscribers to reply to email notifications, such as the welcome email.

Welcome email template

You can also create a welcome email template to send to new subscribers when they sign up to your subscription.

Upload files

In Subscribie, you have the option to upload files that become visible to customers only after they become a subscriber to your shop. In the upload files section of the Dashboard, you can upload and manage the files that you upload to your shop.

Once uploaded, active Subscribers will be able to login to their account and download those files.

Shop Settings

  • Manage whether or not you wish to charge a VAT of 20% for your subscription
  • Change your shop web address if it is available
  • Regenerate API keys for your shop