Create a Cooling-off Period for Plans

Set a cooling-off period for Plans so customers can use your subscription without being charged for a specified period of time.

How to set a cooling-off period for Plans. For example, a 14 day cooling-off period where there are no charges.

What’s the difference between a cooling-off period and a free trial period?

In a free trial period, you charge less (because you give away some days ‘free’, compared to a cooling-off period, where you may want to delay taking payment until after the cooling period has completed.

Some shop owners prefer to delay taking payments until after the cooling-off period. They do this to reduce the time spent dealing with refunds should they occur during the cooling-off period.

Steps to Create a cooling-off period for Plans

Step 1: To create a cool off period on Subscribie, Log into your store and navigate to your Shop Dashboard.

Step 2: Under the “Edit/Add Plans” section, click “Add Plan”.

Step 3: Add the details of the plan such as the Plan or Product Name and Selling Points.

Step 4: If this is a recurring charge, select “Recurring Charge” and input the number of days you would like to have as your cooling-off period before charging your customer in “Days before the first charge”.

Step 5: Once you have input the number of days, click Save to save the new plan.

And that’s it! You’ve created your first plan with a cool off period of your choosing!

Want to create a free trial instead? Check out our guide to creating a free trial!

Watch the Tutorial for Creating a Cooling-off Period for Plans

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