Create a Free Trial for Plans

Set a free trial for your subscription plans so customers can try out your subscription before purchasing.

What’s the difference between a cooling-off period and a free trial period?

In a free trial period, you charge less (because you give away some days ‘free’, compared to a cooling-off period, where you may want to delay taking payment until after the cooling period has completed.

Some shop owners prefer to delay taking payments until after the cooling-off period. They do this to reduce the time spent dealing with refunds should they occur during the cooling-off period.

Steps to Add a Free Trial to a Subscription

Step 1: Go to the “Edit / Add Plans” section in your Subscribie dashboard and choose Edit Plan.

If you are creating a plan for the first time and want to add a free trial to it, click Add Plan

Step 2: Open the plan you would like to add a free trial to.

Step 3: Set the number of days you would like to have under “Free trial period number of days”. For our example, we are setting the number of free trial days to 15. You can set it to how many days you would like to offer.

If you clicked add plan, don’t forget to fill out the information about your plan and set the number of days for the free trial.

Step 4: Once you’ve set the number of days for your free trial, click on “Save”.

Now, your subscription plan offers a free trial to your subscribers.

Want to create a cool off period instead? Check out our guide to creating a cooling off period for plans!

Watch the Tutorial for Creating a Free Trial for Plans

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