Add Documents to Subscription Plans

Want to add documents to plans? Learn how to add documents to subscription plans.

When you add documents to plans, subscribers get access to those documents for easy viewing. Use documents to add useful subscription related information, such as terms of business, or simply generic text you want subscribers to read when they sign-up to your plans.

For adding files to your plans (such as images, PDFs etc), learn how to upload files to your shop.

Steps to add documents to subscription plans

Step 1: Go to Manage Documents in Edit/ Add Plans.

Step 2: Click Add Document.

Step 3: Enter the Document Name and select the type of document you would like to add.

If the document type is “Terms and conditions”, then Subscribers will be asked to agree to these, before they may purchase the plan.

Step 4: Enter your document contents and click Save.

Step 5: To assign this document to your plans, click Assign Plans to this document.

Step 6: Select the subscription plans you would like to add the document to and click Save.

You have now added documents to the desired plans.

Watch the Tutorial to Add Documents to Subscription Plans

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