Categorise Subscription Plans

Need a way to organise your plans? Organise your subscription plans by categorising them by following these steps.

Steps to Categorise Subscription Plans

Step 1: Log into your Shop Dashboard.

Step 2: Select “Manage Catagories” under “Edit/Add Plans”

Step 3: Select “Add Catagory”

Step 4: Enter your category’s name in “Category Name” and save.

Step 5: Return back to “Add / Edit / Delete Categories” and click “Put Plans in this Catagory”

Step 6: Now select the plans that you would like to add to your category.

Now you have successfully created your category for your plans! The changes will refect on your shop’s page.

To reorder your subscription plans, check out our guide to reorder subscription plans.

Watch the Tutorial to Categorise Subscription Plans

Watch the video

Last modified June 15, 2023: updating and optimising docs (6b83052b)