Charge Subscribers on an Ad-hoc Basis

Learn how to create an Ad-hoc charge to your subscribers at any time.

Please Note, An ad hoc charge only applies to Subscribers who have Subscribed to at least one of your plans, which can be a regular plan (e.g. £10 a month) or a free trial. This is because Subscribie needs to obtain payment authorisation, which is done when they sign up for a plan. Free Plans do not require payment authorisation, so they cannot be used for ad hoc charges.

Steps to Charge Subscribers on an Ad-hoc Basis

Step 1: In your dashboard go to View Subscribers under My Subscribers.

Step 2: Select the Subscriber you would like to add an Ad Hoc charge to. Please note, An Ad Hoc Charge can only be charged to a customer that is subscribed to at least one of your plans.

Ad Hoc charges can not be charged to Free Subscribers (Subscribers who have subscribed to a free plan.)

Step 3: Click Charge Subscriber.

Step 4: Enter the amount you would like to charge the customer under Amount and add a description in the Description text box and click Charge Subscriber Now.

When Charging a customer, always add two extra Zeros at the end of the value. For instance, 2000 means 20.00, not 2000.00. This is a precautionary measure to prevent overcharging a customer.

You have now successfully created an Ad Hoc charge to your customer.

Need to refund a customer? Check out our guide on refunding a customer and pausing a customers subscription.

Watch the Tutorial to Charge Subscribers on an Ad-hoc Basis

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